Marketing Your Local Business

For a local business, much of the most influential impacts of marketing will not be online – they will be from tangible factors:

  • Do you have a great product?
  • Do you deliver an amazing experience that people want to tell others about?
  • Do you have a location that is easily accessible and pleasant to frequent?
  • Have you built key relationships with influential people in your area?

Marketing will be a piece of cake, or almost unnecessary if these foundations are laid well.

Digital Marketing for Local Businesses

If all of these things are true, and you’d still like to boost your reach, here are a few things that will help you get in front of strangers digitally.


Have an engaging, mobile-friendly website with clean design and rich, authentic content. Make sure your name or tagline communicates your service or city. Your images should highlight your product or experience well. A picture speaks a thousand words.

Update your website frequently with articles sharing helpful knowledge, stories, or resources. This will help prospects see that your business is alive and thriving.

Social Media Presence

Have a strong Social Media Presence. Make sure to link to your profiles from your website. Use social media in a way to consistently stay top of mind. Sharing about your retail business, restaurant, or service should be easy as you ideally have new customers each day, new products each season, or new events to highlight.

You can pick the tone of your value – entertaining, encouraging, or informational. People will learn to trust you to deliver that experience even via social media. Dean Street Society offers fabulous training on Instagram that is worth the investment for your business.

Experiment with Facebook Ads to test engagement and then consider Google Adwords for a larger investment for increased reach. Experiment with using Yelp strategically for images, offers and reviews.

Google My Business

Update regularly on Google My Business. Make sure your Business profile is set up correctly and fully. Utilize all aspects of this platform by uploading photos, posts, and products regularly and reminding past clients to leave a review.

Monthly Newsletters

Send out a regular newsletter to your referral sources and customers. No one wants a cluttered inbox, but do you know how you feel when you receive a real letter in your mailbox from someone who cares about you? That’s what people can look forward to when they see your name in their inbox. Be real, share value, respect their time. Make it easy for them to share with friends.

Nothing beats a great product or service for marketing. But if you know you have something special and just need more eyes and bodies to figure it out, you can take advantage of these strategies for digital marketing.

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We love working with local businesses to help them with these platforms. Contact me if you’d like to explore working together.

One thought on “Marketing Your Local Business

  1. Great :). Don’t forget to send me an example of a website you designed 🙂

    Love, Molly


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