Is there something or someone you are thankful for today?

I heard a beautiful quote this weekend in a talk – that “giving” always follows thanks. When we are truly grateful, we look for ways to give back. To take action. To actually do something. It’s a natural reflex.

If we are really thankful, we are eager to look for ways to return the kindness or generosity. Sometimes it’s as simple as showing genuine joy and giving a great big smile or hug. We can also share words of appreciation in a card, in person, or an online review. I admire my husband, Don who still carries out the timeless tradition of hand-written cards to show appreciation. He makes an effort to be thoughtful, specific, encouraging, and inspiring.  I love looking for unique gifts that match the interests of my friend or client and seek to surprise them.

In business, when we are grateful for a product or service, we can give back by thinking of others who might also benefit and send them referrals or introduce them to our network. We may decide to go above and beyond to give more of our own expertise or resources. We are happy to. Eager to.

Sometimes life gets too busy or feels too chaotic that it’s hard to truly appreciate the people in our life who make a difference. We are blinded by our own circumstances. But it’s the best game in town if you can stop to think about who has been a blessing to you today, and to take action and give back. It can become a perpetual cycle of increase, generosity, growth, and impact.

I try to be mindful to always quickly show appreciation and think of ways to give back, but I know that there are a handful of authors, podcasters, and even inspirational figures on Instagram that I plan on taking action this weekend and leaving a review and sharing their platform with friends. Let’s all keep looking for ways to take action and “give” more and more when we are thankful.



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