Share Your Story

The human story is powerful. It’s a gift to be able to step into someone’s life and hear someone’s story. We can learn so much.

I’ve become addicted to listening to amazing stories of people shared on podcasts like How I Built This, Live Inspired with John O’Leary and sites like Poppy Lifestyle, and books like Tuesdays with Morrie or Lean In.

Every story is unique, but there are common threads in the human spirit like hardship and struggle, overcoming, passion and compassion. We resonate with it because we’ve all been there at some point in our lives. The persistence and creativity we see inspire us to believe that we can follow the same path.

I had the privilege of catalyzing the young people here in Summit County to share their stories with the community this year. Working with BreckCreate and teachers, we published a collection of their writing and artwork that can be purchased at local bookstores as well as on Amazon. I wanted students to know that what they had to say was important enough for the world to read.

I was amazed and impressed with their writing, and inspired by their stories or poems, especially from the 6th graders who shared about a hero or event in their life that impacted them most. They already have such insight and perspective from going through various challenges in life.

We can be inspired by these teenagers to take advantage of opportunities to share our own stories. Whether it’s business or personal – or likely a mix of both – our story has the power to connect, inspire, and impact others.

No one else has a story quite like yours. And today, there are so many ways to share it.

If you’d like to share your story or your message better, let me know – always happy to explore ways to help! We work with both companies and individuals to share their unique message with those who need to hear it.



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