Writer’s Block

I spend a lot of time working with professionals around writing and sharing their ideas online.

We help companies grow their revenue through building trust with prospects and keeping that trust with customers. One big part of that trust is grown through writing and sharing valuable content on their sites.

Sometimes it is easy for them to just sit down and write. They have earned a knowledge base through their experiences and research and can usually compose an article that connects with their audience fairly quickly.

But other times, it seems difficult to come up with a new topic.

What to do?

After the tried and true tips of going for a walk, exercising, or “clearing the decks,” I suggest thinking through the details of the week:

  • What are you reading?
  • What videos or movies have you watched?
  • What conversations have been most memorable?
  • What problems are you solving?

Those topics that are most fresh and important in your mind will likely be valuable to others. And don’t get stuck thinking about it too much.

Take the pressure off yourself. Every single article does not need to be your best masterpiece or share the most original insight.

Just pick one idea. It will likely connect with the handful of prospects or customers who are living in your world.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to keep writing and refining your content as long as you keep publishing.
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