Thinking Out Loud

Don and I spend a lot of time talking together about our clients and business in general.

We’ve learned that we often are looking at two different sides of the same picture, and so there is much value from sharing our own perspective. It gives us a more complete understanding.

I didn’t used to value hashing out ideas. I have never really been a “verbal processor.” But after going through countless cycles with my husband, I realize how important it is for me to articulate my observations – they are beneficial to him. And for myself, thoughts are usually more fuzzy and unwieldy in my head. I’ve seen that if I allow myself to “think out loud” with him, my ideas and actions become more clear.

In business and life, it is vital to realize that we all experience things differently. Instead of judging those differences, we can gain great wisdom and clarity if we seek to listen and understand well.

It’s where action, magic and collaborative momentum can take place.


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