Growing An Audience

Meeting new people seems like a basic daily opportunity – practically speaking we could strike up a conversation with every stranger in the check-out line or restaurant.

However, for some reason, there is an invisible barrier that creates an obstacle for many.

You pretty much need a reason to cross it. How can you do it? The easiest way is to think of a compliment, a question, a humorous observation, etc. Then ideally, a natural conversation transpires, seeking various points of connection and resonance.

This reality is the same socially and professionally, in-person or on-line. It takes a discipline and practice to engage.

Who Is Your Audience?

Your “audience” includes all the people who should know you and hear from you- sales prospects, customers, colleagues, and friends.

How can you grow your audience? Reach out to people individually, connect by securing their email address, phone number, or social media profile, and be intentional about connecting regularly with ideas, resources, or well-wishes.

It’s that simple. If this becomes a weekly focus and practice, your database will grow, and you will be in touch with tens or hundreds of unique people each week.

Then, “magic” happens –

people think of you when they need your services

people trust your advice, follow it, and refer you

people want to connect you with their network because you have become a vital part of theirs


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