Professional Freedom

What do you have when you take away an office cube, weekly staff meetings, and break rooms – a new brand of professional that has become a growing trend, almost a new normal.

This educated and talented individual can connect with colleagues and customers all around the world, with just a cell-phone, laptop and wireless connection. She can manage her appointments and tasks independently because she values what a traditional position could not offer: freedom. Freedom to create, travel, and influence, from whichever location she chooses.

Natalie Sisson is a wonderful example of this type of “Digital Nomad” professional. She is “homeless,” but rich because she’s chosen a lifestyle where material ties do not constrain. This video shares her story.

It is inspiring in that she began by blogging, just sharing her knowledge and experiences with the world. Over time, she became an expert in the digital space and could consult with others who were interested in following a similar path. She’s created multiple income streams for herself over time which have supported her adventurous lifestyle. She shows us what can happen when you choose to make your career fit your lifestyle values vs. the other way around.

I know what she is about, and it’s great to see another woman taking advantage of her talents and the tools of the new economy.

Can you imagine yourself going after such freedom? 

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