Women as Leaders

I am blessed to have so many Women Leader friends in my life. You know who you are. You are full of energy, passion, ideas, and conviction. People feel your presence when you just walk into a room, before you even speak. But then, when you do open your mouth, you easily command attention. People want to listen to you. People seek you out because you inspire them. When they align with your vision, they willingly raise their hands and say, “Sign me up,” or “I’ll follow you.”

What power! And what responsibility!

Women leaders can’t help but lead. They typically have a strong internal drive towards goals. They have new ideas and dreams about things that are important. They can see clearly when others get stuck on emotions or obstacles. And they have a magical way of pulling resources – people or tools – together to accomplish anything.

These women create new projects, businesses, book studies, co-ops, non-profits, training classes, etc. and seek to make an impact in their communities, either near or far.

They are wonderful gifts of people!

Most of these women have continued in the career world where their talents and skills are lived out naturally each day. But sometimes, they decide to spend a few years with babies and toddlers at home.

Today these women are afforded more and more freedom to do both. With virtual businesses and communities, they can lead and inspire others both inside and outside of their own home.

If you are one of these women, my encouragement is just to keep living fully into your natural inclinations. Find places where you can step into opportunities that align with your passions and interests. If you look at your life and find that you have already grown quite a following of people socially, consider translating that “asset” into a business offering. You have given of yourself to lead and inspire, and people value what you have to offer. That’s the beautiful part of growing a tribe.



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