Event vs. Tribe

When putting on an event, there is usually a large amount of planning and detail to manage beforehand in making it happen. But once the event happens, in many ways, it’s all over.

Building a tribe, however, is not one event.  It’s a series of small exchanges, mini-events, and generous offerings. It is organic and authentic. In many ways, out of our control.

But what we can control is the amount of care, attention, and perseverance we invest into everything we do.

The Long Haul

If we are in it for the long haul, we know that every interaction is an opportunity to articulate our brand. Every published article or newsletter is a chance to tell our story, build rapport and gain increased permission with visitors, interested leads, and new customers.

There isn’t always immediate gratification. Often times, you will have people who adore you for a long time before they step out from the shadows of anonymity to engage. Sometimes even longer before they choose to buy. But when you are tempted to wonder if anyone is reading or following, don’t give up. Trust that they are. And keep creating and pursuing the things that are important to you, those that make a difference and really leave their mark.


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