We have a collaborative approach in working with our clients. We feel that it is important to understand a company’s story, vision, and products/services in order to showcase their strengths well online.

For a website project, we:

1. Meet to understand your goals and brand for your site. Do you need customized content? Do you have video footage to feature? Are you a local business? Who are your competitors?

2. Send custom proposal for acceptance and payment.

3. Have a kick-off meeting to gather information. We have a project area to collaborate with shared content and milestones – including copy, photos, logos, video, important links and logins, etc. I manage a check-list to guide us through milestones.

4. Work together to define target client, messaging, and call to action. Make sure the end-user can clearly understand your product or service offering.

5. Share out a draft of the site for feedback and revision.

6. Go live and publish the final site.

We seek to keep our clients in the loop every step of the way and deliver a website that is engaging, easy to navigate, mobile-friendly, has inherent SEO, and links fluidly to all of your other online platforms.