Robert Toney wanted to expand his security camera installation and networking services throughout Texas. We proposed a localized business strategy that takes advantage of SEO based on specific keywords and city names within the domain name. San Antonio is the first area in which he’d like to grow his service reach; therefore, San Antonio Camera Installation made the most sense.

We created a layout that was easy to navigate with a large call to action at the very beginning, details about his services, testimonials, and icons of past companies he’s worked with. We added detailed service pages, anchor pages, and call-to-action forms on every page. We will continue to grow his site with valuable information and advice through regular articles.

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If you are a business owner in Texas and need help with any security camera installation projects, networking, cabling or IT needs, San Antonio Camera Installation is an awesome company to call. They have high standards for quality and professionalism and maintain reasonable prices for the services they offer.