Becca came to us with a dream of offering a memorable artistic experience through a mobile art studio. She imagined people gathering for private events like a bachelorette or birthday party, a corporate gathering or even a community event and being able to create something that was beautiful, fun, or useful. So she founded The Frosted Flamingo and asked us to help her with the web design.

Clean Site

Becca wanted something “clean” and easy to navigate. She wanted to people to be able to see the projects she offered and learn about her services. She also needed a site with high functionality, one where people could sign up for events or purchase ready-made products. It was a challenge to bring it all together, but the end result was awesome!

About the Frosted Flamingo

Functional Site

She can use this site to share out with referral sources and direct prospects to pick their projects. It is easy for a person to send an inquiry about a future event, reserve a spot at a local event, or scroll through her products. Becca is always quick to respond, answer any questions, and help “book the bird” for them.

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Everyone is an Artist

While Summit County, Colorado offers so many outdoor activities both in winter and summer, sometimes we just want to relax and recharge while doing something else with others. The Frosted Flamingo is a perfect opportunity for businesses and individuals to offer people something different. Reach out to Becca today and make a reservation for your next party or event, or check out their calendar to find her at a local, public event nearby.