We live in an exciting time of change.  The internet affords us access to knowledge and opportunity that we didn’t have many years ago.  We are able to create  and share our talent and “art” with others easily. And the ability to connect with others over a variety of mediums – be it Facebook, Texting, Facetime, or websites – allows us to interact with people around the world in real-time, anytime.

What does that mean for us as women and moms? Well, these changes impact the ways in which our families can earn a living as well as impact the world.

In her talk, “The New Economy for Moms,” Sonya will cover ideas like:

  • Using technology to plan and organize our homeschool experience
  • Using this season at home to keep growing our own talents and skill-sets
  • Being a supportive “helpmeet” to our husbands in a changing, unpredictable economy and preparing our kids to enter it with confidence

On the homefront, we want to understand our economy in order to know how to support our husbands well.  Because of the technology and tools available to us at home, we also want to consider how we can pursue our own talents and skills. And we want to take advantage of online resources to create systems that our children can use for their benefit – be it for educational or entrepreneurial pursuits.

Sonya will be sharing a lot from her own experiences and journey, as well as sharing a little about how they “do life” as a family.

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