Your branding systems have multiple technologies which enable you to be in business 24/7 with the world.  With the systems we create for you, you are able to grow your brand and your business continually.

Your systems hosting package includes the following:

  • Google Webmasters site indexing. Ensure your site content is continually indexed and searchable by Google.
  • Site Analytics system by AscendWorks. Monitor what content is connecting with visitors in real-time and continually refine your strategy with visitors and leads.
  • Amazon S3 media storage. Ensure your multimedia content is served with speed, optimization and consistency.
  • Website hosting. Your branding site will be running on high-end HP hardware, RAID-10 SAS disks with support and uptime.
  • Website theme updates. As updates for optimizing your content site is available, you will receive automatic updates.
  • Spam filtering. Automatic filtering of spam on your content site and discarding of old spam.
  • Site trackbacks. As other sites comment and trackback to your content, these will be automatically managed to increase your SEO strength.
  • Website and database automatic backups. Automatic weekly content backups for your content and design.
  • Sitemapping. Your site pages will be automatically indexed and mapped for SEO optimization and Google Custom Search on your content.
  • Mobile device detection and formatting. Visitors with mobile devices such as Apple iPhones and Android devices will automatically see an optimized view of your content formatted for their devices via layout and speed.
  • RSS-to-Email subscriber. Your content subscribers will have email delivery of your content via RSS feed technology.
  • Call-to-action Hosting. Your call-to-action content will be served and hosted continually for subscribers and new leads.
  • Programmable Forms. Inbound leads and requests for call to action will be captured and tracked with programmable web forms.
  • Web To CRM Lead Management. Your CRM system will receive lead information to continue growing your database from your branding system web forms and calls to action.

Your ongoing service commences after the delivery of your branding package systems have launched.




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