Don and I experienced great success with the 30 Days to Healthy Living Program from Arbonne in the spring of 2015 and started sharing it with others. Since then, we have had the privilege of watching many of our friends and family members enjoy the same results!

There are many reasons you may consider doing a program like this:

  • Sick and tired of feeling tired and sluggish
  • Want to shed some extra pounds or tone up
  • Decrease skin blemishes or acne
  • Minimize symptoms from autoimmune diseases
  • Kick sugar cravings
  • Want a plan to try eating gluten and dairy free

Here’s a comprehensive list:

do you need to detoxI am an Independent Consultant with Arbonne and have seen people join for many of the reasons above. I would love to walk you through the same program which includes:

  • 4 weeks of healthy meal-plans, recipes and grocery lists included!
  • 30 days of delicious, vegan meal replacement protein powder for shakes
  • 30 days supply of extra products to help support your liver, kidneys, and digestion like Detox Tea, 7 Day Gentle Cleanse Drink, Energy Fizz Sticks, Digestion Plus, Fiber
  • Daily coaching and support from myself and private FB group (my favorite part)

Here are the Arbonne goodies:


This program has been such a gift to our whole family because it set us on a different trajectory for the long haul.

Happy to answer any questions and help you sign up for our next group! New groups start the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month.

You can read our story here, but make sure to also check out all the other stories from friends and family members below who have also experienced success as well!

Skeptical, but then lost inches

Though I was a little, or maybe a lot, skeptical, I really valued the 30 Day program.  It showed me that it was actually possible to find food and meals for the 30 days that were healthy, tasty, and filling. I lost 3 inches around my “two inches below belly button” line that I very much wanted to blame on babies instead of diet.

It also helped show me that I wasn’t as dependent as I thought I was on coffee.  I’ve only had a coffee once in the last week since I’ve been off the 30 days.  I enjoyed it, but not enough to make it a habit again. And instead of enjoying a beer to wind down before bed a few times per week, my husband and I now prefer drinking tea instead after the kids go to sleep.

I love having the protein shakes as an option for an easy meal replacement.  I will definitely continue making them regularly.  I also like the fizz sticks as a refreshing pick me up when I really need it.  I can keep a couple in my purse to just mix in my water.  I loved the shopping lists and recipes it gave to choose from. I’ll include a lot in our rotation, and keep looking for healthy recipes that my whole family can enjoy.

–Kathryn Toney 7/25/17

Weighed in under 200 lbs for first time in 19 years! And still going strong!!

under 200

So, this happened today. First time I’ve had the number 1 in front of my weight in 19 years. I was at 235 in November, started with one shake a day mid-March (230), then started detox in May finishing at 204, and now working on the second detox for June. Down 3 belt positions and 2 positions on my watch, which is very encouraging.

It wasn’t always about the weight for me, I just felt like crap. Now, I’m feeling much, much better, sleeping better, and have so much more energy. Many thanks to Sonya Cortez Dalrymple and Don Dalrymple for their support and encouragement.

–Json Marruffo 6/14/17

Mood and Anxiety Improved! Many Pounds Shed!

In just a few weeks I feel better than I have in a few years!! I’ve lost 13 pounds! 😝My mood and anxiety has improved, too! I have so much more energy, and my mind and body just feel clear! It has been amazing and not as hard as I thought. I’m starting another month this week!

–Pamela McFadden 5/30/17

Kids love the meals! Lost 10 pounds! No more joint pain or acid reflux!

On April 3rd I started Arbonne’s 30 Days to Healthy Living program. Today is day 24. I’m feeling great and have already lost 9 pounds (with almost no exercise). I was skeptical at first, but after hearing so much about how important it is to heal our gut and how much our gut effects so many aspects of our overall health, I decided to give it a try. Having two auto immune diseases, scleroderma and hypo thyroidism, I figured it was worth a try.

For the last three weeks our whole family has been eating clean, and it’s been great for our bodies. The kids are loving all of the new meals that I’ve been making. The neat thing about the program is that in addition to the supplements, they provide you with a whole support system, which includes a meal plan, weekly grocery shopping lists, and recipes. Those have been so helpful to me! After my first two weeks on the program, Dustin decided to start, too! He is doing great as well! Oh, and did I mention that we’ve been doing all of this without any caffeine?!?

I have noticed the biggest improvement with my acid reflux and heartburn. It has been basically non existent this whole month. And I’ve even been eating a lot of things like peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes that usually make my symptoms worse. I haven’t had any joint or tendon pain either. All wonderful things!

–Annette Bond 4/25/17

Clear Skin! Baby Weight Gone!

Two months ago I was in a rut, had a million and one excuses, was exhausted, depressed, and lived in workout clothes (for comfort & because that’s all that fit)…NOW I’m 10 lbs down with inches gone and fitting into my pre-baby clothes!! I’m not exhausted or depressed and my skin is clearer and brighter than it has been in years. The hardest part was taking the first step…

Since starting the program in March, I have lost 15 lbs!!! I have re-gained the ability to sleep well, have more energy, and make clean eating choices with ease!!

— Kristen Voetgle, 5/3/17