Success in life and business starts with one key ingredient – understanding and living into your sweet spot.

Without this ability, you will be working in your weak spots.  Most people are unaware of their strengths.  They are simply mired in their weaknesses because there has not been a clear articulation of where they can succeed and where they will always struggle.

Enhancing Your Performance and Effectiveness

What if you had an understanding about your own core motivations around ideas, relationships, goals, and details?

We offer a strengths test that will give you the clarity and language around these core areas. You will gain insight around where you naturally succeed and where you will always struggle. We call them strengths and blind-spots.

To enhance business performance and overall effectiveness in life, it is important to understand your strengths and recognize them in others.

Your strengths test starts with an online login to a short test to gather relevant data that assists in develop an understanding of your “style” or the way you are “wired.”

From there, we walk through a consultation on your strengths and help you understand how you influence the world to reach your goals.

Here is what it means to know your strengths:

Step One: Complete the Style of Influence Assessment

We will collect information through an assessment tool called the Style of Influence (SOI). It captures your individual behavior and articulates how you influence. This test uses established methods of measurement with exceptionally high statistical accuracy in a manner that is different from your typical “personality profile” assessments.

Step Two: Consulting Session

An individual consulting session will follow with a written assessment and a dialogue for clarity around your personal style of behavior.  Questions back and forth help to provide context for how your strengths can be used as well as how your weaknesses hold you back.

Group Training

In our workshop segment, we guide teams through a series of discussions: the first is about the impact of style as it relates to the team and the leader; the second is about managing each team members’ style in the work they perform on the team.

Getting started is easy. Fill out the form below to place your order for a strengths test and consulting. You will then be guided on to complete the online assessment.

The strengths test takes about 15 minutes to complete, and results are immediate. Step 2 is highly recommended, and is the heart of our program. This consulting session will not only make an impact personally, but it will impact your entire team in a way that will increase productivity and sales.

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