We live in a world of noise and clutter.  Refining your content so that it connects with your audience is critical for success.

With years of experience in editing copy, especially for digital readers, our team can help you become the published author you’ve dreamed of being.

Publishing Package

Our copyediting and digital publishing package includes the following services:

Editing and Proofreading: We ensure that all spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors are revised.  In addition, we critique word choice, organization, flow, consistency in  tone and style, and overall cohesiveness.

Cover Design: We will create and layout a graphically appealing cover reflective of your content and title.

Formatting to Digital Distributors: We will handle all formatting transitions to digital distributors, ensuring clean layout, chapter breaks, and overall readability.  Your readers will be able to access your book through Amazon’s Kindle store, iBooks, and the nook.

Integrating Marketing and Purchase to Site: We will prepare a page for your site which links to all online retailers and include description and reader reviews.

What you can expect:

When you sign up for this package, you will receive instructions on where to submit your copy or manuscript.  We will conduct a preliminary review of your content, to ensure it lies within the scope of our expertise and does not require more extensive revision.  Once we have agreed to move forward, you will be invited to a collaboration area where you can track changes and see revision history.  During the editing process, we will also meet to discuss selling price and marketing opportunities.


Under 50 pages:  $400

50 – 100 pages:  $550

100 – 150 pages:  $700

150+ pages:  will review individually


* These are general estimates for normal projects already in document format.  Prices will increase when content is consolidated from websites or blogs or when content requires extra “love and attention.”

* Reformatting text for “print copy” is an extra product/process.  Please inquire individually.

To get started, please click the button below.  You can use PayPal on the next page, or you can use a credit card as you can see from this screenshot.  Payment plans are available as well.Paying Without PayPal Account



Choose your page volume to edit
Publishing Less Than 50 Pages $300.00 Publishing 50-100 Pages $500.00 Publishing 100-150 Pages $700.00



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