The Way You Help People is the Content

It’s a crowded marketplace with a lot of articles, blogs, and content that does not always help. It’s noise.

My strategy in helping you build content is for you to have content that connects because it’s based in actual work that you do. We focus on doing your work that helps people and then creating content from that.

People want to know what works and how you do it.

Let’s walk through how to frame a content piece that can help as a resource or article. Feel free to answer the questions below to work through the thinking:

As you are working, it becomes valuable to share. If you really help people and they value it, then that process becomes what you capture, write, structure and share in a strategic way in your selling and in your servicing of customers.

Strategies for Using Content That is Profitable and Not a Waste of Time

You can spend a lot of time wasting your time and other people’s time writing content. The approach that works is to actually help people.

Do this in the real world, then redistribute it by capturing it with content.

So, here are some strategies:

  • After you finish a project, send a summary. Use that summary to write content you can share over and over
  • When you hear a problem, share content that specifically helps people with the problem you have solved before
  • In your service delivery processes, write the content and solutions to problems once and use it many times by sharing with customers on how they should do things in their business
  • As you see themes and trends in your helpful solutions to real problems that you write about, create new productized service offerings
  • Organize helpful resources and link to them often to build up visitor traffic as well as position your value offering in a clear way.
  • Be concrete about how you helped someone. People want to hear this.

If you don’t want to waste your writing, video, podcasting, etc., then think it through strategically.

Please fill out the form above. Produce work that helps people and share that. You know it really works, and you are using it for sales, service, support and promotion in powerful ways with this strategy.