Sierra Anderson is an amazing woman! She grew up between the wild ocean of Alaska and the snowy peaks of Breckenridge, CO. She is on the US National Skimo Team and competes internationally in this intense winter sport.

from icy waters

Sierra is part of a 4th Generation Fishing Family, and she owns an Alaskan Seafood business, Sierra Gale Seafoods. They offer Fresh Frozen Wild Alaskan Seafood. Rich Salmon, mouth-watering Blackcod, melt-in-your-mouth Scallops, and much more. She has customers who order bi-annually in bulk through “buying clubs,” but she’d also like to grow her year-round sales.

to your kitchen

She approached us because she wanted to streamline her systems, making it easier for customers to order online and to fulfill their orders.

We were excited to help her update her website, making her call-to-action very clear and her story easy to connect with through images and video.

If you are interested in ordering Wild, Fresh Frozen Alaskan Seafood, I couldn’t recommend Sierra Gale Seafoods enough. The best way is to join or start a Buying Club with a group of friends/family and order in bulk in the fall and spring. Reach out to Sierra and inquire if interested.

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