We have been working with Suzy to help her really focus in and define her services. Sometimes it’s tricky trying to land on a specific niche or product because you have so much to offer. Suzy’s passion for young adults, though, has been evident for over a decade, and she has worked in a mentor role with young people, pro bono, with great success. Now, she is able to offer this great value in a focused way that can sustain a business for herself.

suzy martinek life coach in denver

We created Suzy’s website to be very simple and easy to navigate to begin. Her testimonials are like gold, and so we tried to capture and highlight as many as we could. Her site will be content heavy as she creates blogposts and resource pages as she grows. She will likely feature more products, videos, and even events. We send out a monthly newsletter for her to redirect prospects and referral sources back to her site.

We are excited for all the lives that Suzy will be able to impact because of this business. It is obvious that we live in a society where are young people are looking for support, for direction and vision and sometimes just need a wise coach to push them and walk the journey with them. If you are in the Denver/Breckenridge area in Colorado and know a young person who is looking for help, don’t hesitate to call Suzy!