What’s Your Tagline?

Everybody has one. What is that “thing” you are known for? Here are some things people may say:

  • She’s an L&D nurse.
  • She’s an interior designer.
  • She’s an awesome cook.
  • She has a way of seeing right through a person.
  • She’s a reader, always has at least 5 books by her bedside.
  • She always goes the extra mile to show thought and care.

Most of us settle for other people articulating this “thing”, but you actually have an opportunity to define and influence the message that is spread.

Articulate It

Many times, I feel like we just assume we know what others do, and we assume that others know what we do. But don’t take that for granted. If you want people to remember what you do, you should talk about it. Clearly. And with energy. Often.

It helps to build an authentic connection with people who care about the same things you do.

And if you’re in business, it gives you a chance to meet new prospects or referral sources.

If you are in business, you’ll want to really think through that one killer statement that is natural to say and easy for others to remember. If you keep it simple, it helps others repeat it easily. I often say, “I love helping women launch their own gigs, especially those of us that are past the baby/toddler stages of motherhood.” While I don’t want to limit my customer base and love working with all women, I’m honest about who I’d most naturally connect with and address a very common sentiment among women my age. We’re ready to get busy doing new things again.

In addition, if you have the stage to share, you have an opportunity to offer a picture of how you work with others. Instead of saying, “I’m a bookkeeper” that might box in someone’s idea of you, you could say, “I’ve helped many small companies run their business by keeping their books in order and showing them new ways to save money.” Instead of saying, “I sell scarves,” you could say, “I design colorful scarves that are perfect for any season and make women feel beautiful.”(something My-Cherie Haley might say 😉

Lastly, if you have a website or email system, you can include that memorable statement there, too. Within my email signature I say, “Helping women step into new opportunities.” Hopefully, it’s intriguing enough without being too nebulous. But you could also just include titles like, “Business consultant. Author. Speaker.” Short and clear. Another option, “Contact me if you are ready to get back in shape.” That articulates a need and clearly outlines the action they should take – contact you.

So, what is your tagline? Even if you do not have a business, what is something that you might want to do more of if only more people knew about it. And if you are more of a dot.org kind of person anyway, what do you want people to know that will open up new doors to reach out to more people.

In the end, it’s always about making the most difference in people’s lives, the most impact. That’s why we do what we do, right?

I’d love to hear your tagline – please comment below! (I know sometimes we have more than one, so share whichever you’d like!)

4 thoughts on “What’s Your Tagline?

  1. Navigating life from homeschooling to grandbabies. (My homeschool site)
    Living. Writing. Encouraging. (My personal site)
    As my life goes through seasons, these things will probably change. Right now I’m a homeschool mom and I’m busy encouraging other homeschool mothers.

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